Current legislation provides for high fines and penalties for tax violations, and sometimes the smallest error in tax calculations can be very

  • Your company’s accounting department needs assistance in order to confirm the correctness of accounting and tax calculations due to significant changes in legislation.
  • Your Company is a representative office of a foreign legal entity and the accountant of your Company needs assistance in order to confirm the correctness of accounting and tax calculations.

Our specialists:

  • Check the primary accounting and financial documents and transactions made on their basis;
  • Express their opinion on the correctness of the reflection of these transactions in the accounting and tax accounting;
  • Consult on accounting, reporting, and taxation issues.
  • Provide quick consultations by phone and provide answers to preliminary written requests
  • If necessary, specialists will consult with a visit the client’s office. If necessary, will hold consultations of specialists with a visit to clients

Understanding of industry specifics, high qualification and experience of our consultants, as well as membership in HLB International (an international network of independent accounting  and advisory firms representing more than 150 countries) allow us to advise our clients on all major taxation areas, various legal forms and different industries, to offer the best solutions in accordance with the legislation, to support transactions of any level of complexity, ensuring individual approach to each client.

Consulting on practical tax issues includes:

  1. Providing consulting services on vital issues of calculation and payment of taxes
  2. Subscription tax consulting during the year
  3. Support of tax inspections
  4. Assessment of tax risks and opportunities to avoid their consequences when conducting certain transactions
  5. Tax audit – verification of the correctness of calculation and payment of taxes, taking into account the level of materiality, identification of significant tax risks and their possible assessment
  6. Optimization of tax processes when changing the forms of the current business: organization, restructuring, merger or sale
  7. Providing consultations in the process of organization of the company, choosing the form of company registration and setting tax accounting, building an effective tax payment management system
  8. Tax audit for the purpose of company acquisition and determination of tax risks
  9. Consulting on personal income tax and insurance premiums levied on to individuals
  10. Interaction with tax authorities on behalf of individuals (representation), obtaining various certificates and confirmations from tax authorities
  11. Consultations on the application of agreements on avoidance of double taxation
  12. Consulting on customs legislation
  13. Study of the formed tax base for each of the audited types of taxes and help in preventing undesirable financial consequences of inspections of tax inspectors through recommendations based on good knowledge of tax legislation
  14. Development of tax methodology
  15. Development of accounting policies and accounting principles for tax purposes of the company
  16. Preparation of methodical regulations for separate accounting of production sites or business operations
  17. Development of principles for determining the value of mined minerals
  18. Development of methods for accounting and allocation of costs for capital and current
  19. Correctly and in a timely manner make a tax return to a legal entity or an individual

Our specialists will give a professional answer to the questions you are interested in, with references to the current and, if necessary, international legislation, that subsequently, in case of disputes with your opponents, we will provide the guarantees you need, as the firm is always responsible for these recommendations.

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