The company “HLB Marka Audit” has considerable experience and provides comprehensive legal services to help our client both in solving problems arising in everyday business life and in making decisions in accordance with the legislation.

Our policy is an individual approach to each client, taking into account any specific activity. Membership in HLB International (an international network of independent accounting and advisory firms representing more than 150 countries) allows us to apply for support to participants in our network and provide the most complete information on foreign legislation issues.

Services for the creation of a legal entity

  • Determination of the legal status of the company (legal entity, branch, representative office, private entrepreneur),
  • The organization of creation and carrying out of registration of the person,
  • Development of corporate documents, constituent contract, personnel documents,
  • Development of employment contracts with top management and other employees,
  • Obtaining work permits for foreign workers,
  • Opening bank accounts,
  • Registration in the relevant state bodies,
  • Advising on various issues of legal presence in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Services in corporate law

Shareholders and owners of companies are increasingly interested in issues like how to protect their assets, make the company the most attractive for investors to enter, make management more efficient. Our experts will offer you options for solutions, taking into account the specifics of economic entities and will support:

  • Legal analysis of the company’s activities,
  • Analysis of the ownership structure of the company, taking into account the objectives of shareholders (owners) and the requirements of legislation,
  • Accompanying the process of creating, reorganizing, liquidating a company,
  • Accompanying the entry of investors into the company, changes in the authorized capital, election of management bodies, payment of dividends,
  • Advising on various issues of corporate law.

Legal support of transactions

The extensive experience of our company’s specialists, knowledge of industry specificity, allows us to provide support for transactions from the beginning to their full completion.

  • Legal examination of the object of the transaction and its basic conditions,
  • Recommendations on the procedure for resolving disputes,
  • Determination of risks in respect of a potential transaction and measures for their elimination and / or minimization,
  • Development of legal documents, including an agreement of intent, a contract of sale, a pledge agreement, sureties,
  • Escort of the transaction and participation in negotiations at all stages,
  • Registration of the transaction in state bodies,
  • Analysis of individual transactions and transactions for compliance with civil legal requirements, requirements of tax legislation,
  • Checking the execution of the terms of the transaction
  • Formation of a package of documents on the transaction.

Legal opinions

Very often clients apply for special opinions, on transactions made, individual transactions and compliance with their legislation. Such Legal opinions contain an expression of opinion on the issue under consideration, any risks or limitations inherent in the transaction are disclosed.

The issuance of legal opinions is possible with respect to:

  • Analysis of the legal status of the company,
  • Conducted Procurement for major transactions, including public procurement,
  • Analysis of the Agreements for major transactions, loans, loans,
  • The tax legislation and possible risks inherent in the transaction,
  • Labor relations, contracts, obligations,
  • Financial assistance provided by foreign investors,
  • The rights to own real estate, land,
  • Formation of the authorized (share) capital.

Our specialists have considerable experience in advising on:

  1. preparation of competitive bidding for procurement, support of tenders and evaluation of applicants in accordance with the requirements of the law, have the necessary qualification certificates;
  2. the development of internal documents or regulations for competitive bidding, the development of job descriptions and internal workflow. We are ready to provide support of such processes from the beginning to the completion of purchases, that is, the choice of the applicant or the winner, helping and advising that no stage is left without attention.

Services in economic activities

The clients of “HLB Marka Audit” are companies of various forms of ownership and activities, including industry-forming, state enterprises, ministries and departments, as well as organizations financed by the Asian Development Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Public Funds and NGOs. We cooperate with leading international audit and consulting companies.

Understanding the industry specificity of business allows us to provide services in

Contract law

  • Development of legal documents (contracts, contractual schemes, sets of contracts, letters, inquiries, inquiries, appeals, notices, etc.) under the client’s situation,
  • Development of recommendations on elimination or minimization of risks of performance of contractual obligations,
  • Participation in negotiations, representation of clients’ interests depending on needs.
  • Oral and written advice on various issues of contract law,
  • Subscription services,
  • Examination of the contract in terms of alienation or pledge,
  • Advising on the application of legislation on foreign investment,
  • Advising on civil legislation,
  • Organization and implementation of a set of measures to recover accounts receivable,
  • Examination or development of contracts regulating labor relations, personnel documentation within the framework of labor legislation,
  • Development and introduction in the company of internal (unique) local normative acts regulating activity of all employees of the company,
  • Advising on avoiding double taxation, assistance in preparing the necessary documentation,
  • Pre-trial negotiations and settlement of disputes (including claims procedure),
  • Developing a legal position and assessing the prospects for the trial,
  • Assistance in the preparation of evidence base,
  • Advising on the preparation of statements of claim, comments on claims, motions, applications, agreements

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