If you have any questions or complex and non-standard situations related to:

  • The activities of your company, regulated by special legislative acts when it is registered as a legal entity, an individual entrepreneur;
  • Organization of accounting and preparation of financial statements, depending on the organizational and legal form, types of activities, the formation or change of sources of authorized capital;
  • Change in financial indicators (revenues from sales of products, goods, services, cost of fixed production assets) and other issues,

Our specialists are always ready to provide you with quality consulting services, give recommendations on ways to correct identified errors.

On IFRS issues:

  • Development of a methodological basis (accounting policy, Chart of accounts, posting scheme, methodology of transformation and consolidation, development of internal accounting regulations, separate accounting procedure)
  • Consulting on the application of IFRS
  • Conducting training trainings and seminars on the application of in-house developments under IFRS
  • Complex projects (convergence with tax and management accounting)

The first application of IFRS:

  • Development of a methodological basis for the first application of IFRS accounting principles, methods of transformation and consolidation, other regulatory documents)
  • Training of employees in the preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS on an individual basis
  • Development of models of transformation and consolidation of reporting in IFRS statements
  • Applying IFRS to the public sector
  • Services for the preparation of the first financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • Preparation and transformation of financial statements
  • Conducting a comparative analysis of current financial reporting and reporting in accordance with IFRS
  • Method of calculating reserves
  • Conducting a comparative analysis to reflect the difference between tax claims and financial reporting

Independent inventory of assets and liabilities

  • Development of Procedures for Accounting and Inventory of Company Assets
  • Conducting an inventory of the company’s assets, with the allocation of physically worn out and not suitable for use
  • Provision of services for the separation of assets into separate accounting objects
  • Development of methods for separate accounting of company assets
  • Development of procedures for writing off unsuitable assets
  • Will carry out examination of the state of accounts receivable and accounts payable;
  • Details check the calculations with the budget

Appraisal and business planning


The valuation of the enterprise is necessary not only in case of liquidation, but also in many other aspects of its activities, for example, when:

  • Financing the reorganization of the enterprise;
  • Sanitation of the enterprise, carried out without litigation;
  • The development of a plan for the repayment of debts of a debtor enterprise that is in danger of bankruptcy;
  • Evaluation of applications for the purchase of an enterprise;
  • Expertise of fraudulent transactions on transfer of ownership rights to third parties;
  • Expertise of enterprise reorganization programs.

To date, an assessment report may also be required in the following situations or actions:

  • Contribution to the authorized capital
  • Putting property on balance
  • Issue and conversion of shares
  • Reorganization of joint-stock companies
  • Purchase / sale, division of property
  • Pledging
  • Revaluation of fixed assets
  • Definition and compensation of damage
  • Elimination and bankruptcy of the enterprise
  • Restructuring of arrears
  • Property insurance
  • Mortgage and investment lending
  • Optimization of taxation

Our specialists:

Perform an evaluation of the company (business), which includes:

  1. determination of the value of securities of the company (shares or participatory interests) in the event of preparing a transaction for its sale and purchase;
  2. determination of the value of all assets of real estate, machinery, equipment, warehouse stocks, financial investments, intangible assets, to make an informed investment decision when transferring ownership or its share, as well as possible future income from business;

Real estate valuation, which includes:

Determination of the value of ownership or other rights (lease, right of use, etc.) in respect of the following objects:

  • land
  • residential real estate objects (apartments, cottages)
  • objects of commercial real estate (office premises, hotels, shopping and storage areas)
  • industrial real estate objects
  • structures
  • engineering Communication
  • objects of construction in progress

In addition, the experts of the company  “HLB  Marka Audit” will determine for you one or several types of value of the property:

  • market value (the most likely price when selling on the open market);
  • cost of reproduction (the sum of costs in market prices for creating an object that is identical to the estimated object);
  • liquidation value (the price of the object in case it must be alienated as soon as possible); investment value (value, determined on the basis of the profitability of the object).
  • the cost of services for valuing real estate depends on the type of the object of evaluation and the urgency of the order.


Consultations that you can get by contacting our specialists:

On-time consultation:

To receive this type of consultation, it is preferable to make a written request and send it by fax or by e-mail with a clear statement of the question. Our specialist will contact you by phone and agree on the cost and deadline. As a rule, the answer is given in writing, but if you need oral advice, you can come to our office, or we will come to you to sort out the problem on the spot.

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